Heat insulation technology Coating creates very simply a thermal barrier which replicates heat once the paint or coating is applied. Thus, properties in hot climates save energy and money when exterior walls and roofs are coated on air-conditioning bills, because less solar heat passes through these surfaces into the buildings. Protexion promises to reduce transfer of heat from outside to inside and makes the house, working place comfortable by keeping them cool in summer. Important thing about thermal paint is the long lasting protection that it offers to refractories. It is perfect solution to chronic problems faced by building’s roof and industries which deal in high and low temperature applications.

Our heat insulation paint has been specially designed to withstand high temperatures and control the erosion / corrosion of refractory linings, monolithics, ceramic fibreboards, modules, castables, furnace steel shells, melting crucibles etc. We ensures ensures that maximum heat energy is preserved in the heating chambers and damage to the surface is minimized. Thermal insulation coating can prevent the absorption of more than 95% of solar radiation into the structure, thus providing protection against thermal shocks and extending the lifespan of buildings.

Metalic Roofs
Metalic Roofs | Heat Insulation Coating and Paint
Roofs & Slabs
Roofs & Slabs | Heat Insulation Paint


  • Superior Performance
  • Improves comfort level resulting into enhanced Efficiency of pepole & machineries
  • Saves Energy - Reduces heat load Air conditioning units resulting into savings in power consumpation : Direct energy savings upto 30% in Summer and peak summer time
  • Extends Life of Buildings - Reduces Thermal expansion & Contraction
  • Saves Money - Reduces the evaporation losses of volatile liquids stored in tanks farms
  • Prevent leakages during monsoon from concrete structures
  • Prevents corrosion of Asbestos Sheeting
  • Enhances life of Asbestos sheeting
  • Increases Safety with Fire Resistant Properties


Protexion’s flexible Heat Insulation coating for roof with low permeability that can greatly extend the useful life of a roof by reducing expansion and contraction of the substrates. This prevents condensation, corrosion and surface degradation when applied to the metal surface, and keeps this cold while in direct sunlight. High performance heat insulation coating that reduces transfer of heat from outside to inside and makes the houses, working places, flooring etc. comfortable by keeping them cool in summer along with strengthening the structure. We provide Heat Insulation coating concrete slab Services for Roof top of terrace. The offered Heat Insulation coating ideal for wood, concrete, brick, metal and other surfaces for excellent thermal insulation.Heat Insulation coating for metal roof has excellent reflectivity--can reflect over 85% of sunlight, and it can rapidly dissipate the heat absorbed by the base metal material.

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Porta Cabins
Porta Cabins | Thermal Insulation Paint


  • It insulates. The whole area.
  • It improves Safe Touch areas. No burns.
  • It saves space. And sleep.
  • It makes metals strongly anti-corrosive.


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