A proprietary formulation specifically designed for use in aggressive environmental situations. To be used on steel alone to give long term corrosion protection. G-COAT offers excellent Aging & weathering resistance coupled with resistance to chemicals and is used to protect the metal components & structure in the most aggressive conditions.

G-COAT is an excellent replacement of Hot Dip Galvanized process.

Transmission Towers
Transmission Towers


  • Single pack system
  • Quick Driying at room temperature
  • Excellent Resistance to mosisture
  • Impermeability to Oxygen
  • Excellent Resistance to corrosive chemical and gases
  • Excellent Outdoor Stability
Solar Structures
Solar Structures


  • On Site & Off Site Application
  • Non-Hazardous application Process
  • Easy Touch up & Recoating process
  • Enhanced performance as compared to HDG
  • Superior aesthetical finish and surface appearance
Industrial Structures
Industrial Structures


  • Base Frames & Structures
  • Solor Structures
  • Tower Structures

Galvanising coating

Galvanized coating is the application of zinc coating to prevent corrosion or rusting from the steel or iron structure.

Common method to applying a galvanised coating is hot dip galvanization. But, Protexion offers cold galvanising coating, there is no need to hot dip galvanise. Just open the tin and apply like conventional paint after proper cleaning of substrate. Galvanizing can be found in almost every major application and industry where iron or mild steel is used.

Having a metal galvanized provides it with anti-corrosion properties. Without using protective zinc coating, metal would be remain exposed to the different elements and oxidize as well as corrode quickly.

Zinc rich coating

A zinc rich coating is a coating that contains a high percentage of zinc dust and acts sacrificially when in direct contact with steel. Zinc rich painting, commonly referred to by the misnomer cold galvanizing.

Zinc rich coatings are used by many industries to protect steel of any shape and size. There are two types of zinc coatings:


  • Inorganic coatings can be formulated with a higher volume of zinc.
  • Organic zinc-rich primers are easier to apply.
  • Inorganic zinc-rich primers are most commonly applied in the shop

  • Organic:-

  • Organic zinc coatings are normally applied by brush and spray.
  • organic zinc-rich primers are most commonly applied in the field.
  • Organic zinc coatings do provide the same degree of protection as inorganic coatings when the coating is top coated.
  • Zinc-rich paints containing at least 65% zinc meet the specification designations. They are widely used for touch-up and repair of damaged galvanized coatings



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