FLOORCOAT is High performance floor coating system for industrial & domestic applications.


  • Anti Slip
  • Anti Skid
  • Anti Static
  • Abrasion wear Resistant
Industrial Floors


  • Single pack; Ready to Use System (No need to mix two components)
  • Quick Drying at room temperature (Dries within 30 minuts)


  • Excellent Water repellancy
  • Resistance to Acids, Alkalies & corrosive chemicals.
  • Resistance to UV radiations
  • Available in all desired color shades


  • Easy to apply by Roller & conventional spray techniques.
  • Quick & Conveninet
  • Applicable on concrete as wll as metal surfaces
Car parks



  • Superior Perfomance
  • Easy repair & rectification.
  • Zero Maintenace.
  • Saves Manpower & Time


  • Floor surfaces of industrial & commercial units.
  • Car Parking Areas
  • Sports Grounds
  • Floor Marking


Antiskid paint is a floor coatingsystem that provides a rougher surface on slippery substrates. The majority of accidents at work or at home result from slipping or falling. The need for antiskid painting is initially determined by too many slips and trips on a particular surface. However, the slip resistance of the floor can be measured as a precaution before accidents occur.Problems include steps and stairs, bathrooms, halls and other home and work areas.If an employee slips at work, not only they might get seriously injured, but also the employee cannot able to work for a while and the costs of health care can run up.The roughness of the anti- skid paint gives more grips and thus leads to reduction in incidents caused by slipping and tripping. Antiskid coatings are the most common in public places and working environments, also in residential buildings.


When a person walks on the painted floor and generates a static charge, the charge is immediately drained to the ground through conducting footwear to the floor. An antistatic painted floor creates a preferred pathway for the electricity flow, keeping the electrical charge under control as the charge is drained. The charge flows over the surface and into a grounding point and disappears.No charge can ever be charged. It is always removed instantly and safely.

Consider the base as a plug hole and the electric charge as bath water. The charge (water) drains over the painted antistatic floor and is removed through the grounding point(plug hole).

The antistatic coating/paint contains elements( the most popular being carbon or tin) that transmit the electrical current through the painted floor in the case of anti- static paints. The current is then transferred to a conductive copper tape located under the floor paint surface at a grounding point. The paint elements are carefully measured and balanced to evaluate discharge speed. Don't attempt to mix your own at hom


India is a Country of Work Inn Progress, Construction Work, Polluting Vehicles, Dust on the Road are common examples in India. The flying dust actually collects on the exterior walls and makes them look dull and old. The collected dust also reduces the life of paint and the exterior walls.

The country, which constantly evolves and develops, creates a number of ways of creating dust in environment. Building a flyover or a nearby residential apartment, dust on the road or the cable in your own company is common and everyday sights for us. All of these instances create environmental dust that settles on your exterior walls and is harmful to the Paint's life. Not only is it a bad esthetic, dust along with water is an ideal breeding ground for fungi and algae to grow on your walls, giving it black patches. Its unique Dust guard technology i.e. antidust coating and paint does not allow dust to settle on your exterior walls and keeps your house looking bright and new for years.

Sports Floors


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