Hydrophobic Paint Technology

The hydrophobic and superhydrophobic paint for surfaces developed by Protexion to improve the performance characteristics of any object to apply nano scale coatings. These coatings are used in ultra-dry surface applications. It can causes a thin layer of air to form on top of surface to protect circuits and grids.

These type of coating protects the coated equipment from corrosion, impurity prevention from hazardous chemicals. The paints are suitable for glass and plastic surfaces such as windows, to keep them last longer clean.

Nano technology makes it possible to develop hydrophobic paint which repel water and other liquids. The paints are suitable for glass and plastic surfaces such as windows, to keep them last longer clean.

The best thing of hydrophobic paint is you don’t even see it, it is totally transparent and does not affect appearance of the surface. The hydrophobic paint can be sprayed on objects to make them waterproof. This paint used for concrete substrates probable to reach highest compound growth rate in forecast period.

Hydrophobic Nano Fabric Paint
hydrophobic coating | nano fabric coating
Car Coating
Hydrophobic Car coating

Advantages Of Hydrophobic Paint and Coating :

  • Virtually invisible layer
  • Protects substrate from UV light
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-smudge
  • Does not change exterior of substrate an no colour penetration
  • Protects substrate and makes it resilient
  • Water repellent

Applications Of Hydrophobic Paint and Coating :

Our most typical applications of hydrophobic coatings include:

  • Optical Applications
    • Consumer optics and sunglasses
    • Specs
    • Precision optics
    • Laser
  • Display Applications
    • Smartphones
    • Pen applicators
    • Projection Displays
    • Video devices
  • Electronics Applications
    • HD Drives
    • Inkjet Printers
    • Syringes
    • Needles
  • Industrial Applications
    • Ink & Blood Repellency
    • Metal coatings
    • Stainless steel
    • Aluminium cans
  • Food processing parts Applications
    • Kitchen usages
    • Tin plated steel
    • Cutting Blades
    • Jewellery Treatments

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Coated Coils
Coated Coils | superhydrophobic coatings
Coated Smartphones
Coated Smartphones | Hydrophobic Coating
Hydrophobic Paint
Hydrophobic paint | Protexion

Frequently Asked Questions of Hydrophobic Paint

A hydrophobic coating is reported to last anywhere from 2-8 months in direct sunlight and outdoor conditions before a top-coat re-coating is needed. Indoor and covered outdoor systems provide a lifespan of around one year or more

A hydrophobic surface is a low energy surface that repels water and is resistant to wetting. Their calculations of the moisture contact angle will mark a surface as hydrophobic if the water droplet's contact angle reaches 90 degrees. Exceed the contact angle limit of 150 degrees and the surface is superhydrophobic.

A Superhydrophobic coating is a coating with a water contact angle above 150 degrees and a slipping angle below 10 degrees. Hydrophobic surfaces also serve to reduce water wetting of surfaces. Due to its exceptional properties such as self-cleaning, anti-icing, anti-friction and others, superhydrophobic surfaces are highly desired for several applications.

Its main function is to protect the surface from the water and repel. Inspired by nature, hydrophobic paint can be derived as, firstly the solid surface is chemically enhanced with a low surface material. And secondly, the nano and micro structures created on the layer to stop water from completely being in contact with the surface.

There are a lot of hydrophobic surfaces in nature, including lotus leaves, butterfly wings, duck feathers. Hydrophobic materials are used to remove oil from water, to control oil spills and to isolate chemicals from polar compounds.

Superhydrophobic coating is a thin layer that repels water. Superhydrophobic coatings are made of composite materials where roughness is given by one component and low surface energy by the other.


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