Micaceous Iron Oxide - MIO Coatings and Paints

MIO is a type of iron oxide similar to mica, a highly structured, layered mineral. As MIO pigments are ground into smaller, finer particles, they tend to stick to their surfaces, exposing smooth, shiny faces which behave like tiny mirrors. It was found that MIO coatings and paints produces excellent anti-corrosion paint. It is used as the primary ingredient in some protective coatings and primers because of its anti-corrosive properties. When attached to the coating and applied to the substrate, flakes align parallel to the surface providing an impermeable barrier to air, oxygen and chemicals. The flakes are highly weather-resistant and powerful UV absorbers.

Micaceous Iron Oxide
Micaceous Iron Oxide Coating

Providing customized solutions around your needs is the aim of Protexion. We strive to ensure value engineered solutions to all your corrosion problems and optimize them to give long term protection. We are leading as MIO coating manufacturer and supplier in industry of coating and paints. We develop and manufacture the wide range of industrial coatings and primers,powder coatings,floor coats,paint finishes and coating products for various applications.

Epoxy MIO Coating
MIO Coating

The natural color of the MIO paint is dark and charcoal gray. Steel is chemically unstable-quickly rusts in the presence of oxygen, water and salts to form iron oxide (rust). Iron oxide is chemically stable because it can no longer rust. Iron oxide is therefore an outstanding pigment for use in steel protective coatings, and MIO is even better.

Industrial Structures
Industrial Structures | MIO coating


  • Can be used as primer, intermediate cum finish coat
  • Excellent water, moisture, oxygen and pollutants resistance
  • Easy to apply and can be applied by airless spray, traditional spray, brush or roller
  • Excellent resistance to chemical and weather
  • Chalking resistance and UV radiation
  • Ideal for high humidity, humidity, marine atmospheres, heavy rainfall
  • Excellent hardness
  • Very good resistance to salt, alkali and acid solution

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