THERMSHIELD is High temperature coating used where high temperature applications are needed. THERMSHIELD is stable upto 6000C and protects the substrate from deterioration at high temperature.


  • Excellent Heat Resistant Properties
  • Excellent Resistance to Oxidation
  • Excellent Resistance to U V Radiation
  • Excellent Resistance to Chemical Attack
  • Excellent Scratch & Abrasion Resistance
Industrial Chimneys
Industrial Chimneys


On steel items exposed to temperatures up to 6000C,e.g. exhaust pipes, engine parts, silencers, chimneys etc. THERMSHILED offers excellent Aging & weathering resistance coupled with resistance coupled with resistance to chemicals and is used to protect the metal components & structure in the most aggressive conditions at elevated temperatures.

Temperature resistant coating and paint Technology enables paints to protect and preserve color and structure at higher temperatures. High temperature silver coating/paint is designed to withstand temperatures range upto 600 ° C to provide corrosion protection. This product line provides protection for substrates if high operating temperatures compromise the durability and efficiency of other coatings. Protexion offers High temperature coating/paint for protection of steel substrates from a range of temperatures up to 600 ° C.

These are ideal for high- temperature hot piping, stacking exteriors, furnaces, exhaust pipes, engine parts, silencers, chimneys etc and can be applied directly to properly prepared surfaces. Heat resistant coating/paint also proven to protect against insulation corrosion in process- based installations covering a number of markets. When considering high operating temperatures, consider our line of high temperature coatings to protect your assets.

Protexion High temperature coating and Heat resistant coatings provide aesthetic and durable protection for steel and other substrates. In addition, they feature higher film construction, improved color stability and increased flexibility compared to competitor heat resistant coatings. Moreover, many of our high temperature coatings can be used on warm surfaces. This unique feature makes it possible to paint without shutdowns of equipment. These coatings deliver maximum performance for all high temperature paint requirements.

Most industrial chimneys and smokestacks are made of concrete, brick or metal reinforced. As a consequence, they are susceptible to UV radiation, high temperatures, rainwater, moisture, wind, hail and lightning. A regular inspection and maintenance program carried out by qualified industrial painting contractors is one way of keeping industrial smokestacks and chimneys in good working order. In industrial smokestacks and chimneys common problem is, slight cracks develop in stack coatings due to constant exposure to various factors.

The humidity and water flowing through the cracks eventually lead to the corrosion of metal components, followed by burst of concrete and extensive damage. Another problem is the deterioration due to high temperature levels and acid attacks from the inside. The water seeping through the cracks will eventually cause the corrosion of metal components, followed by concrete spalling and extensive damage. Moreover, if the facility is located near the coast, the atmospheric sea salt and chlorides can accelerate the deterioration process.

Although using the right protective Chimney coating and paint can help prevent the deterioration of industrial stacks and chimneys and prevent substantial damage that is expensive to repair and can lead to prolonged downtime, it is equally important to apply coating techniques.


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