INSULECT is a single component electrical insulation coating designed to impart high electric strength for various electrical applications. When properly applied and dried, a tough film is formed over the surface. INSULECT is highly hydrophobic in nature and is having excellent water repellent properties. INSULECT film helps to reduce the leakage currents, resulting into reducation in contamination flashovers.

INSULECT coating offers excellent U.V radiation resistance coupled with tracking resistance which makes its use beneficial for outdoor exposure and in extreme weather conditions.

Once coated with INSULECT , the applied part does not require any maintenance like water washing or greasing.

INSULECT is also available in all desired colour shades.

If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting method to seal concrete floors, Electrical insulation coating for floor is best option. Protexion provides a smooth protective Insulated floor coating and paint . Based on Grafted co-polymer technology,it is self-levelling solvent based flooring. It is so design to provide for insulation, easy operating, and dust free, attractive flooring. In addition with insulation property this floor provides chemical resistance, greatdraining property andwaterresistance floor finish and corrosion protection to metal parts.

Protexion facilitate to advancement in safety, cleanliness,and aesthetics of panel room floor. Protexion provides protections against electrical leakages in high voltage risk areas, like electric Panel rooms, substations, battery rooms, power supply change rooms etc.

Beyond just aesthetics, many floor systems in industrial and commercial environments offer a critical safety component as well. This makes it all the more essential that you fully understand your options, and also have the insight and opportunity needed to pick the right flooring professional for your job.


You probably already know how catastrophic a static discharge event can be in the wrong environment if you are reading this. This tiny spark of intense heat offers nothing but a slight, amazing discomfort in the world outside it can, however, destroy sensitive electronic equipment, create latent product failures or even cause an explosion in some environments.

The simple act of walking helps to create the stored potential for this type of damage through the discharge process. That electricity stored then needs a way of escape to the object you touch when you complete the circuit. Shock resistant coating offers you and your team the least resistance to building static electricity. The specially designed, conductive material on your floor then leads you away to a harmless earth.

To install your shock resistant coating/paint, find the right industrial flooring company. Direct experience and insight from the industry matter, particularly when safety and productivity are on the line. Don't risk your team, equipment, products and investments.

Current insulation/ resistant coating/painting

Electric shocks can initially have a negative physiological effect on a human body or even death. This occurs because of ventricular fibrillation, where the rhythmic pumping of the heart stops. So, what is regarded as safe?

AC voltage of up to 60 volts and a DC voltage of up to 40 volts are considered safe limits in most cases. Anything else is seen as a hazard. insulationis therefore necessary to prevent one from electric shocks.

In view of this, electric current resistance Coating and Painting is usually measured in ohms. Metals are good conductors because they have a low resistance to the electric current flow. On the other hand, good insulators react with high resistance to the electric current flow. Then things such as dry wood have relatively high resistance to electricity. When moist in contact with water, resistance decreases. This concept also applies to human skin, which is why electricians should always take precautions when water is present in the environment and when handling electrically energized wires and parts use insulation materials.

Dielectric Coating for floors

The strength of any dielectric can be assessed by measuring maximum voltage applied to dielectric that will cause its breakdown through the product. Dielectric is an electrical insulator, which can be easily polarized through the application of an applied electric field. The Dielectric coating for floor designed with long term durability in mind.

Protexion provides state of art dielectric coating solutions designed for various industry needs. We have team of experts who have experience in application of industrial paints in various types of industrial set ups.

Our amazing dielectric coating for flooring “insulators” and are engineered to minimize breakdown during voltage-induced stress, thus protecting people and valuable equipment from electric shock. Our dielectric floor coatings have superior electrical insulation properties and maintain a high dielectric strength while providing a long-lasting and attractive atmosphere for your work environment.

Bus Bars
Bus Bars
Insulated Floors
Insulated Floors


  • High Electric strength 59Kv/mm.
  • Stable up to 2000C
  • Excellent puncture resistant
  • Resistance to Fire
  • Excellent resistance to UV radiation (suitable for outdoor exposure).
  • Excellent resistance to transformer oil.
  • Tough and Scratch resistant
  • Excellent Resistance to oxidation
  • Quick Drying at Room Temperature


INSULECT Grade voltage Min.DFT Required
INSULECT L 5KV 100Microns
INSULECT M 11KV 300Microns
INSULECT H 22KV 600Microns
INSULECT UH 23KV 800Microns


  • Saves Labor
    • Single handed Operation
  • Improves Safety
    • High Electric Strength
    • Excellent Puncture and Fire Resistance
    • Application on any Shape & Size
    • On site applications
  • Saves Cost
    • Zero Rework

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