Heatseal promises to reduce transfer of heat reflective coating from outside to inside and makes the houses, working places, flooring etc. comfortable by keeping them cool in summer.

It is an innovative polymer-based research technology that can dramatically reduce the energy consumption and expense of cooling a home, factory, steel building, industrial or commercial structure by maintaining the interior cooler at least 100C in summer.
To ensure thermal comfort in the built environment, our solar reflective buildings surface coatings and paints applied on the roof / walls can be very useful in minimizing heat and cooling loads.

We are providing a bouquet of solutions along with the basic property of heat insulation, it is a holistic polymer-based high performance coating. Once applied, heat insulation coating will take care of most of the maintenance needs. Protexion provides services in high performance coating technology, beginning with the development of the process with its customers, to training them for its application. It is therefore no surprise that with the list of benefits HEATSEAL offers, it’s a guaranteed value for money providing peace of mind.

Concrete Surfaces
concrete surface | Heat Reflective Paint


  • Excellent Heat Insulation Properties
    (Temperature Gradient of 8 to 120C peak summer)
  • Excellent Resistance to U.V.Radiations
  • Excellent Abrasion Resistance
  • Excellent water repellancy and moisture resistance.
  • Quick Drying at room temperature
  • Excellent Resistance to chemicals
  • Excellent Outdoor Stability


  • Superior Performance
  • Improves comfort level resulting into enhanced Efficiency of pepole & machineries
  • Saves Energy - Reduces heat load Air conditioning units resulting into savings in power consumpation : Direct energy savings upto 30% in Summer and peak summer time.
  • Extends Life of Buildings - Reduces Thermal expansion & Contraction
  • Saves Money - Reduces the evaporation losses of volatile liquids stored in tanks farms.
  • Two In One Effect -
    • Prevent leakages during monsoon from concrete structures,
    • Prevents corrosion of Asbestos Sheeting.
  • Enhances life of Asbestos sheeting.
  • Maintains the aesthetic with no fungus & Moss formation.
  • Increases Safety with Fire Resistant Properties.(Add On)
  • Easy apllication process, Self to Do System

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Refrigerated Vans
Refrigerated Vans | Heat Reflective-Protexion
Metalic Roofs
Metalic Roofs | Heat Reflective paint
Roofs & Slabs
Roofs & Slabs | Cool roof coating
Porta Cabins
Porta Cabins | Heat Reflective Paint

Frequently Asked Questions of Hydrophobic Paint

A white roof is coated with heat-reflective white coating which reflects up to 90% of sunlight. White roofs are much more than just white paint it is an indicator of the ability of a surface to reflect solar heat.

Heat Reflective Paint. There has been a revolution in the paint industry with the advent of heat reflective coating, which improves the insulation properties of buildings in an environmentally friendly manner. Generally, these paints are available in light colors because they can reflect up to 80% of the solar radiation.

Specialist heat reflective paints are also available, but their effect is minimal compared to going from dark to light colour. Heat reflective paint allows more energy from the sunlight to bounce off than usual paint of the same colour. However compared to painting a dark roof with non-heat reflective light colored paint, the effect is only mild.

Heat reflective paint designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. The usage increases roof temperature and decreases room temperature correspondingly.

In industries where heat is used for process, heat insulation coatings are used for energy saving purpose up to 1800 degrees C. This decreases heat transfer from inside shell to outside and thus lowers fuel consumption, increasing energy savings.


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